People are judging the book by its cover as the old saying goes when they are looking at your website. 

Therefore, your website design must be superior that grabs their attention and most of all conveys the right information very quickly.

Keep your site simple.

Avoid overcomplicating your website design and your page design.  Use limited banner and other advertising on your site, and what you do use, keep it connected to the content of your site.

Professional sites are a must.

Proofread the whole site for both grammar and spelling. 

At the same time, you are not writing a novel.

Keep the content conversational and use headlines and other headings, bullet points and other tools to convey your message effectively.

Keep the content aligned with the mission of your site. Content quality is key.

Have an interesting site that draws the user in to keep reading more.

Use the AIDA principle, Gain ATTENTION, keep them INTERESTED, increase their DESIRE and get them to take ACTION.

Fast Loading is key. 

Google puts huge emphasis on site speed. 

And with mobile users, loading time is key to getting them to view your site.

Use images that are small in file size.

To do this, you can compress your images to a more reasonable size with image optimization plugins.

Use good quality graphics.

For a website, they do not need to be print quality nor professionally taken. But they should be edited effectively.

Learn to create your own graphics that will show off your business character and identity.

You can use a tool like Adobe Photoshop or many others that are available online.

Avoid too many large photographs, pictures or backgrounds. 

This can over stimulate the view and again it slows down your site and most important takes away from your key message on the site.

Forget about yourself!

Nobody wants to hear about you. They want to hear about your products or services and how you can help them.

So instead of focusing on yourself, communicate how you can solve your client’s problems

Examine and test the functionality of your website.

How are users using your site?

Do the links and menus make sense?

Can they find what they are looking for?

By concentrating on usability and functionality, you will gain happy visitors that can turn out to be your customers.

A key to good usability is to keep your design and navigation consistent. Don’t lose your visitor or confuse them.

Finally, check your site with every browser, mobile and tablet.

Every web browser interprets code differently.

Some may display the page perfectly however, some may do it atrociously thus, to be safe check with different browsers to test the compatibility.

With these simple rules you can have a superior web site design that works for your business!


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