Website Design Process

Website Design Process

Every business these days has a website – but how many actually get results from their website?

We create amazing websites that get results!

We build websites that attract leads, build relationships with prospects and support your clients.

We create websites that establish online authority in your industry.

We take a unique and fresh approach to build you an original site.  We work with you to build the right content into your sites.  We can add graphics, images, pictures, video and audio.

We create a website that will function properly, your users will enjoy viewing, easy navigation and attractive design.

Our Goal is to design a website that you will be proud to show your friends, your clients and even your MOM!

We also will build a website that will be found in the search engines by your future clients.

Our process is straight forward.

  1. Make contact with us via email or phone
  2. Discussion on the basic requirements of your site including design, layout, content and keywords.
    • At this point we also discuss how your website will work with your existing sales processes.
    • We talk with you about your target market and their buyer behaviour.
  3. We provide you with a written quote along with a list of items we will need from you to complete the website.
  4. We will create the site design and layout live on the internet – but on a hidden location so only you can see the website.
    • You give us feedback on the site so we can set it up to your unique needs.
  5. We add your content into the site.
  6. We show you how to manage your site.
  7. Your site goes live on your domain.
  8. Your business Grow Immensely!!