Search engine optimization, aka SEO, is the term that refers to the tactics you use to improve your website’s visibility in the search engines. Search engine optimization techniques focus on increasing  the organic, or natural, traffic that you receive based on your ranking within the search engines.

Primary search engine optimization strategies focus on Google as it receives over 70% of internet searches. The actual way that Google determines it’s search results (the Google Algorithm) is unknown, but through practice and observation our SEO specialists can get excellent results for your website.

The search engines will take note of your site and its content, categorizing it in a way that will allow it to show up in the SERPs (search engine results pages) when certain keywords are typed. You can arrange your site in certain ways, write content, and do other off-site strategies to increase your rankings.

Search engine optimization is achieved through a wide variety of methods. Our SEO professionals will focus on proper keyword research, clarity in the setup of your website’s headers, tags, file names and descriptions, external backlinking, internal cross linking, and quality content creation. This is a part of our procedures when we build your site.  We will work with you to create the site that your customers will find in Google.

Sites that are designed with ease-of-use and quality information in mind tend to do better than those built sloppily and without a solid plan. Another factor that has influence is that the site is updated regularly, and that it has links to it from other high quality sites.